Maistra d.d.

“In Maistra, as the leading domestic tourism company, which systematically works to raise the level of services and improve employee competencies, it is of utmost importance for us to have quality partners. In addition to numerous basic requirements (expertise, flexibility in approach, combination of trainers with very specific necessary knowledge, work experience in the tourism sector, etc.), the special added value of Anglo-Adria is the shaping of development programs (Service Excellence trainings for different departments , sales skills, time management, leadership skills, feedback and alike).

Unlike the usual training, Anglo-Adria coaches are additionally preparing, collecting information on the context and participants, and all the programs are formed so that the coach is fully acquainted with the role of the participant and their real business situation. Trainings and workshops adapted precisely to their experiences and challenges leave a much greater impression on the participants and their effects are much stronger and more noticeable. After such a joint work, the participants are truly motivated to transfer the new knowledge and skills to their workplace behavior.

The powerful energy and enthusiasm invested in the preparation and execution of such programs are also passed on to the participants, especially because the program is not adapted only to Maistra and a particular group, but to every individual involved in a group, which we especially appreciate in our cooperation with Anglo-Adria.”