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September 2019
Mladen Jančić, MSc, CMC

The workshop is intended for heads of departments, traders, company directors, and all those who wish to acquire or enhance their negotiating skills.

Mladen Jančić, MSc, CMC

The program is intended for leaders and managers who already have experience in running a team, department or company, or people already possessing basic knowledge and skills from the domain of leadership (described in the training description “Successful Team Leadership”).

Training is an opportunity to check existing competencies, and expand them with specific knowledge and concrete techniques of situational leadership, leadership communication, motivation, coaching and problem solving in the team.

October 2019
Ivana Štulić

The training program is intended for employees who are expected to approach problems on a daily basis and successfully reach their goals.

Tihana Dragičević

The training program is intended for all employees.


Mladen Jančić, MSc, CMC

The workshop is intended for the heads of departments, directors, board members. It is recommended that participants have previously acquired the basic negotiating skills and knowledge covered at the workshop “Effective Negotiation Skills I.,” or that they have a significant practical, senior-level negotiation experience.

Jasna Bratulić

The training program is intended for the staff of various departments because it addresses the internal and external causes of conflict, leaders of major departments and teams, coordinators, project managers and recruitment staff (various service and contact centers).

Ivana Štulić

The target group is the leaders at all organizational levels and all who are in the position of giving feedback to others for their effect. If in your organization, in addition to the usual conversations with teams and individuals, there is a system of (semi) annual conversations that do not achieve their real goals, behind which there is no systematic development and jumps in motivation, but are only performed formally and in a hurry by leaders who have no necessary knowledge and skills, this is a workshop for your employees as well as internal trainers.

November 2019
Nikola Nikšić, CMC

The training is intended for high and middle management, controllers, planning specialists and key personnel.


Ivana Štulić

The programme is intended for project managers, heads of departments, business analysts and specialists from various organisational departments.

December 2019
Marko Jurić

The program is intended primarily for sales staff.